About Art Mansion

Art Mansion is a new and exciting online portfolio dedicated to showcasing art drawings and paintings. With our roots in Greece, we deliver our exquisite creations worldwide. Our artist, with years of training in the Department of Visual and Applied Arts, brings passion and expertise to every piece. Explore our collection and experience the beauty and wonder of art.

Artist's note

This website portfolio, is dedicated to show to the world the artworks that i've performed over my years of study in Thessaloniki's school of fine arts combined with my love and passion that i put over the years in painting and drawing, since i was little. Without taking the risk of implementing an idea or an artistic work, art wouldn't be.


Meet the artist


Orestis was born in Greece in 2002. From little age he was able to draw much better than the average age, and spent most of his time in his desk drawing cartoons and game characters. At 12 years old he signed up to a local art school to learn the ways of colorized canvas drawing and by the time he reached high school he was able to copy famous other paintings of the best European artists. Thessaloniki's school of arts was an easy choise for him since his love and passion for arts was immence, therefore he passed the exams with relative ease, consider this university is said to be one of the hardest colledge to sign up for. From there on till today, he has studied many different tequiques and learned many new tools to help him actualize his fantasies combined with giving each artwork and immensefull meaning.